Medical devices including diagnostics comprise one of the fastest growing industries globally. Recent developments in Indian landscape such as introduction of the new Medical Devices Rules has played a crucial role in providing a distinct identity to the medtech sector, and laid a foundation for performance manufacturing coupled with patient safety. With a renewed effervescence in the sector, manufacturers are seeking not only an in-depth understanding of regulations and compliance in India but also varied international geographies for potential growth and expansion. Their requirements may range from understanding of the regulatory processes & compliance to legal requirements, government communications, and market dynamics.

The joint workshop organized by BIRAC Regional Bioinnovation Centre at Venture Center and Tata Trusts PATH Impact Lab aims to demystify the national & international regulations regarding Medical devices and Diagnostics for Startups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and large companies/multinationals.  The 2-day workshop will help participants explore the regulatory and allied requirements in India, the US, the UK & EU, Japan & South East Asia, and the African continent. The workshop also endeavors to provide participants a clear understanding of the strategies including cost and challenges for entering international markets. This Workshop functions on introducing practices and prerequisites for the Indian manufacturers to enter the international markets. Primarily focus on the regulatory processes and compliance, market access, government communications, and legal requirements in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.



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