This international workshop aims to provide MedTech Product companies (including devices and diagnostics and allied products) with information, access to experts, networks, role models to take their products through regulatory approvals in India and other parts of the world, and thus enter global markets!

BIRAC Regional Bioinnovation Centre (BRBC) is the third regional center of BIRAC and is located in Venture Center. BRBC aims to fill up key innovation ecosystem gaps for bio-based industry sectors and thus significantly impact the translation of high-quality innovative ideas into viable and sustainable business enterprises. Some key BRBC initiatives are Venture Mentoring Service; Venture Base Camps; Regulatory Information and Facilitation Centre; Bio Incubation Practice School.

Tata Trusts PATH Impact Lab (TPIL)established in 2018, is set out on the mission to accelerate new medical technology adoption in public healthcare and to propel affordable healthcare solutions through a range of activities and programs. TPIL identifies and supports MedTech products which show potential to positively impact the healthcare landscape in India and beyond. The selected MedTech startups are supported in product development, clinical trial design and implementation, standards and regulatory compliance, risk management and quality control, global certifications, needs analysis, usability study, business model, market dynamics and funding support.