Biotechnology Industry Research & Assistance Council
Is a non-profit company created by the Department of Biotechnology (Government of India) with a mandate to develop the national ecosystem for biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship and provide targeted support to innovators and entrepreneurs.
Venture Center
A CSIR initiative – is a Section 25 company hosted by the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Venture Center strives to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises by leveraging the scientific and engineering competencies of the institutions in the Pune region in India. The Venture Center is a technology business incubator supported by the Department of Science & Technology’s National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (DST-NSTEDB). Venture Center focuses on technology enterprises offering products and services exploiting scientific expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences & engineering.
Regulatory Information and Facilitation Center (RIFC)
is a joint initiative of the Venture Center and BIRAC under the BIRAC Regional Bio-Innovation Center (BRBC) program. The RIFC aims to assist bio-entrepreneurs in planning, seeking and securing regulatory approvals.  The RIFC plans to achieve this by providing information in an entrepreneur-friendly manner, providing access to experts and regulators, providing access to practical insights from other entrepreneurs, providing services and organizing relevant and useful events.
Social Alpha promotes innovations and entrepreneurship with a mission to create large scale sustainable social, economic and environmental impact. Social Alpha nurtures start-ups through their lab to market journey, helping them create high quality, commercially viable, accessible and affordable solutions. Social Alpha is focused on catalyzing entrepreneurship for impact and provides critical technology and business incubation support to the mission driven start-ups.